Secrets & Tricks

Smurf Village is now on Facebook. Play with other Smurf and experienced the life of a Smurf. Build buildings and workshops, help Papa Smurf to finish the quest, help and send gifts to other smurf from the village, and decorate your village with smurf decorations.

Here are some secrets and tricks on playing smurf’s village

Supplying stocks to building and workshops in smurf village

Always check your buildings and workshops, if it appears off, you must click it to supply stocks. You will earn more smurf coins from buildings and workshops so it it important to manage properly.

Build more buildings and workshops

Buildings and workshops are beautiful to see in your village and gives you more coins. The more buildings and workshops you have, the more coins you will get.

Note: Keep on supplying stocks on your buildings and workshops,click on it when it turns off, because, it will not produce coins if you don’t have stocks. If you have enough stocks, it will continue to pump coins even your not online and out of the game.

Complete the Quest

There are lots of quest you will encounter in smurf’s village games, some of quest require you to build buildings and workshops, some of other quest require you to collect resources. Once you’ve fisnish the quest, you will earn more rewards, such as coins, and energy.

Visit other smurf’s village and help them

Visit other smurf’s village and help them to their task in their village.
Supplying stocks to their buildings give you special kits like energy, coins, feather.
Smashing stones and cutting weed and thorns to their village gives you coins and sometimes honey, diamond, and many more.

Note: There are quest that requires you to finish, if your quest, requires you to go to other village to do the task,you must prioritize that task first, because if your complete the quest, more rewards will be awarded to you.